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Hi, I'm Cassie!

I thought I’d share a few things about myself so we can get better acquainted with one another. I came up with ten fast facts about me.

1) I’m a #1 International Best-Selling Author, professional speaker, and founder and creator of the Rule Breakers Health and Weight Loss Coaching Program. But that’s not as important as the next 9 facts—so keep reading!

2) I’m a rule breaker. I used to follow the rules of terrible diets. I’m done with that crap. Calories aren’t meant to be counted and rules ARE meant to be broken. (Especially when they aren’t working for you!) For years, I suppressed my true feelings and emotions, trying to fit the mold of the person others told me I should be. That didn’t pan out very well for me. So, I don’t do that anymore. And everyday I fight to be more and more true to myself and true to God, and a lot of times that means going against the grain. 🙂dietitian-cassie-about-me

3) I’m a recovering addict. I speak about my experience with sugar addiction openly here. I understand the physical, mental, and emotional drain that a food addiction can have over your daily life. NOW I'm completely free of all of those food and weight-related things I struggled with....the things that made me feel absolutely defeated.

4) I’m a little bit of a rebel. I’m not just the dietitian who tells you that butter is good for your metabolism and waistline, I’ve also got blue streaks in my hair, more than a couple tattoos and tons of piercings. I’m 100% me. And it feels freaking amazing. I want to help you be 100% you, too.

5) I’m a life-lover and adventure seeker. Life is crazy and hard and crazy hard, and at the same time it’s beautiful. I try not to miss any of its beauty by being adventurous through the things I do, whether it’s strapping myself to a piece of cloth and jumping out of a plane, jumping off a 50 foot high rock into a swirling body of water, walking across European countries with only a backpack, buying one-way tickets or sharing big pieces of my most intimate self with you.

6) I’m in the best shape of my life—eating more fat and calories, and exercising far less than ever before. I don’t tell you that to brag, but because  I never thought that was possible. I used to believe getting in shape was 50% exercise + 50% nutrition. Maybe you fell for that one, too?

7) I am not in my twenties, even though I might look like it (and thank you for carding me—I do take it as a compliment now!)

8) I feel your pain. For so long I struggled with following “all of the dieting rules” only to end up more frustrated—and 20 lbs heavier—than I was to begin with. (All I seemed to be losing was self worth and self confidence.) And I’m a dietitian! If I couldn’t figure it out, it’s no wonder you’re confused. Maybe you’ve yo-yo dieted too and ended up heavier and more frustrated, like I did. Never again do I want to experience that, nor do I want you to either. Let’s never do that again, K?

9) I want you to be free like me! It’s precisely why I do what I do, bringing you valuable insights and research-based, client-tested strategies. It’s all in the name of helping you find your most energetic, confident, leanest and fittest self…so you can get stop untagging yourself from pictures on Facebook and get excited to go clothes shopping again! That’s why I’m here. That’s what is all about.

10) I think it’s good to be real. And sometimes that means being goofy and sarcastic. Hence the pineapple on my head.

Okay, enough about me. It’s time to go download the free 10 Rules to Break to Lose Weight Guide I created for you so that you have everything you need to get started! Click the box below to grab that FREE guide!


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