Juicing is a hot topic, as many people think it’s a healthy choice to make fresh juice. It's tasty and delicious. Wanna know why? Because it’s all sugar.

Now, before you start getting defensive and putting your argument together about how it's healthy because of all the nutrients and vitamins in the fruit that you’d never be able to eat in a single sitting… pause and think about that. Fruit is sweet. Fruit is delicious. Fruit is sugar. I say this because fruit is a carbohydrate, and all carbohydrates break down to sugar in our bloodstream. When we teach our clients about eating balanced, we always discuss balancing our blood sugar levels by having a protein and healthy fat WITH a carbohydrate (PFC!). I would never recommend that anyone have 3 oranges or 2 bananas in one sitting. And that’s exactly what's happening with juicing. You’re literally stripping the fruit of all it’s fiber and drinking just the sugar... Basically, the juice is a higher sugar, lower nutrient version of the fruit. This is not balanced, and only spikes your blood sugar levels, setting you up for a nice big crash later on (because what goes up, must come down, right?) (roller coaster ride!). And when you crash is when you crave, feel irritable.. and that's when you gain weight. Juicing vegetables is a slightly different story, as the sugar content isn’t going to be as high, but you’re still throwing out all the fiber that would come with eating the real thing (fresh, whole veggies!). So, what's a healthy, balanced alternative?

A better idea is a Balanced Smoothie. It’s a similar concept: you’re blending up your fruit and veggies and can drink it on-the-go or get your toddler who doesn’t eat a lot of fruit to happily down it. However, by using a blender, you’re not tossing out the fiber, and you’re also able to make it into a balanced meal or snack. Win-win!

Simply pick your protein (might I suggest a whey protein powder or Pure Primal Protein™) and healthy fat (might I suggest half an avocado or a couple tablespoons of nut butter) add it in, and blend it up! You can make your own healthy concoction! The flavor combinations for smoothies are endless! Check out my Balanced Smoothie page for ideas: my favorites are the Peanut Butter Banana and Strawberries and Cream!

I also like smoothies for kids because it’s a great way to pack in all of their nutrition right away in the morning. Not to mention they’re quick and portable, too! You can add their daily multivitamin in powdered form, liquid fish oil, (it’s only one teaspoon- they won’t taste it- I swear,) and a powdered probiotic (super important for kids!) It’s also perfect for tossing in a scoop of Dynamic Fruits & Greens (kids love the fruit punch or strawberry kiwi flavors,) which adds even more antioxidants, fiber and probiotic. You can get your nutrition in this way too, by using the same powdered multivitamin, liquid fish oil, liquid probiotic and if you're using L-glutamine powder to support your gut lining and help stave off cravings, you can mix that right in there too! Smoothies are a fabulous alternative to juicing, because you can make them balanced which will support your metabolism, brain and keep you feeling calm, focused and in control.

Now, if you are having sugar cravings (which can happen if you've been juicing like a mad woman!), then grab the guide below for my BEST tips to BUST (and prevent!) sugar cravings so that you can gain control and get to your healthiest self and more energetic life!

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