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Heart health is one of the most confusing topics in the nutrition realm and it's one close to my heart since my own father had a scare and underwent a double bypass surgery a few years ago. For years, many doctors and dietitians preached the “eat less fat, less cholesterol and more whole grains” message for heart health.

Coincidentally, ever since, the prevalence of type two diabetes, obesity, cancer and yes, heart disease have skyrocketed. Now we know at the root of heart disease is INFLAMMATION and that elevated cholesterol is a symptom of inflammation, but not the cause. In this TV segment, I present my top five heart healthy foods that will help to keep inflammation down, thus protecting your heart.

The real keys to heart health

Now we know the key is to keep internal inflammation at bay by limiting consumption of sugar, grains, processed carbohydrates and refined oils and eating MORE healthy fats, exercising, managing stress and including quality supplements. More on my recommendations for heart health in this post.

For even more on heart health, check out these fantastic resources: Cholesterol ClarityThe Great Cholesterol MythThe Cure for Heart Disease: Truth Will Save a NationHeart Surgeon Speaks Out on What Really Causes Heart Disease, and Honor Your Heart (my blog post on this topic from last year).

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