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Have you seen the documentary, Fed Up? It's getting a lot of mainstream attention... and for a good reason! The film sheds light on how much sugar Americans are actually consuming, and the detrimental affects it is having on the population.

Are you starting your day with a sugar rush? Do you realize how much sugar is hiding in your breakfast routine? Let's look at some of the most popular breakfast eats, how much sugar they have and what you could be eating to better support your metabolism and brain.

For healthy breakfast ideas and meal plans, you’ll love our 50 Days of PFC, where it’s all laid out for you so you know what to eat for 50 full days. We take away the burden of having to figure out what to eat and lay it all out in one convenient e-guide (plus, we also have 50 Days of PFC for kids, too!)

Now, grab the guide below for my BEST tips to BUST (and prevent!) sugar cravings so that you can gain control and get to your healthiest self and more energetic life!

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