One of the greatest challenges causing smart, successful, put-together women significant amounts of stress, anxiety and worry, is their diet...and more specifically, their weight. They’re plagued by thoughts about what they eat and how the extra fifteen (or even five) pounds is holding them back from achieving their dreams. This is defeating for them because they’ve tried EVERYTHING and they’re starting to believe there’s something wrong with THEM. The mental and emotional drain is exhausting.

This was Cassie’s story. She tried to be “good” too: restricting calories, working out like a maniac, and still, PUTTING ON 20 POUNDS! Cassie’s whole life changed when she shifted her mindset, reset her metabolism, and focused on specific factors that most weight loss experts aren’t talking about, like hormones, thyroid, stress, and supplements.

Over the past decade, Cassie has helped thousands of women not just lose weight and boost their energy levels and body confidence, but create lives they love by freeing themselves from old ideas and myths.

Cassie provides valuable insight on nutrition, weight, and overall health in a fun, exciting way! She brings her decade of knowledge of nutrition and weight loss, along with her depth of personal experience and her own compelling story.

Cassie’s audiences walk away empowered with a clear blueprint of how to reclaim their body confidence, boost their energy, and rev up their metabolism...without starving themselves. This is the message of hope so many women are craving and Cassie knows how to deliver.


"Cassie was the keynote speaker for our inaugural Probiotics Marketplace event. She was a pleasure to work with behind the scenes and on site her presentation was completely on target. She delivered content that was appropriate for the attendees and participated in the moderated Q&A panel discussion to drive further interaction. Cassie was a perfect fit for this event and her professionalism and upbeat nature contributed to the success we enjoyed."

- Heather Granato (Vice President, Health & Nutrition Network, Global Exhibitions)

Cassie’s Most Popular Programs Include:

There’s what you’ve heard and read about food, diet, and lifestyle—and then, there’s the truth. In this eye-opening talk, Cassie shares the specific principles, mindset, and strategies that helped thousands of people lose weight, infuse more energy, and fall in love with their bodies. Audiences relate to Cassie and her teachings because she lived with her own struggles with food and weight. She wasn’t always the slim, trim, fit, and bubbly person you see today. Like your audience members, she felt like she was running in circles trying to find the solution.

In this featured talk Cassie tears down common misconceptions about what we think of as ‘healthy’, including:

• Why fat is not the devil
• How our perception of “healthy” is limiting
• Why counting calories isn’t the holy grail
• Why certain workout programs backfire
• The real reason we gain, and lose, weight
• How balancing the scale balances your life

Your attendees will gain new insight and the courage to challenge what we used to accept and create a rockin’ bod.

Have you tried everything and STILL can’t shed those last 10 pounds? Surprisingly, the food you’re eating may NOT be the problem. The real obstacle could be something else. In this program, Cassie reveals 10 never-talked-about keys that can unlock your metabolism's true power and help you shed stubborn pounds.

Cassie’s talk covers topics like:

• How exercising harder could be slowing your metabolism and causing weight GAIN
• How eating before bed helps you burn fat and the best bedtime snacks
• The gland that really dictates your weight loss and what you can do to keep it working
• Sneaky triggers that are blocking your weight loss and energy
• 3 simple activities that really matter for your waistline
• How to balance your life to balance the scale

This powerful presentation gives the exact outline for easy and successful weight loss, and one step can even be done in the room during the presentation! Learn everything you need to know about non-food related roadblocks to slim your waistline and be the energetic self you know you can be!

Hormones, low libido, hair loss, burping, gas, cramps….oh my! Carrying stubborn weight can be embarrassing in more than one way. Cassie shares from her decade of experience helping women of all ages, body types, and backgrounds, lose weight and keep it off.

Cassie dives into ALL things weight loss, even the parts that can be blush-worthy. You will learn how our diet and lifestyle decisions sabotage our libido and waistline. If your audience is tired of hiding behind baggy clothes and hoping no one makes eye contact—even their lover—this program is a must!

Key takeaways include:

• 6 hormonal-balancing boosters they’ve never thought about until now
• 3 simple shifts to increase metabolism stubborn pounds fall off
• Foods that instantly boost your moods and libido
• The (surprising!) foods that are draining your energy levels
• The number 1 trick to help eliminate bloating and gas
• Plus, a few strategies to keep a healthy metabolism running all day long

What started as one dietitian renting out the conference room at a local coffee shop, quickly turned into a full team, and a renown worldwide coaching program. Cassie has now been running a multiple six figure business for 10 years. In this talk, Cassie reveals how she created a thriving virtual practice from the ground up. Learn from Cassie’s biggest mistakes and avoid the pitfalls that she struggled through in her career. She will also share her most effective marketing strategies that put her on the map. Learn how to start and scale your business. If you want a business that gives you the opportunity to do what you love, and earn what you deserve, then check out this talk.

The following topics can be covered in her business presentation, depending on the allotted time for her program at your event:

• Marketing strategies that moved the needle (from shoestring budget options to pay-to-play options)
• How to land media segments (from TV to radio to print) and become a top-requested guest
• Cassie's top strategies for growing a client base
• Productivity strategies that maintain a healthy work/life balance

"Cassie did an amazing job as our Keynote speaker. She illustrated the hows and whys of making healthy lifestyle changes. She provided scientific evidence to support the tips she provided for enhanced energy, metabolism, and focus. Cassie did all of that in a way that truly engaged our audience and provided clarity on a subject that is laden with myths and half-truths. We left feeling inspired and empowered, having actual strategies that were easy to implement! We would recommend Cassie to anyone looking for a fantastic, evidence-based speaker!"

-Jodee Schaben, University of Wisconsin-River Falls

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Speaker Bio

Cassie Bjork is a globally recognized industry leader in weight loss, a highly sought-after speaker, and the #1 international best-selling author of Why Am I Still Fat?: The Hidden Keys to Unlocking That Stubborn Weight Loss.” Cassie is the creator of the Rule Breakers Weight Loss Coaching Program that uses her proprietary methodology to help thousands of women lose weight and keep it off — FOR GOOD.

Cassie speaks widely and contributes a regular column, “Real Talk with Dietitian Cassie,” in Paleo Magazine. Virtually every major media outlet—including CBS, ABC, WCCO, FOX News, CNN, TIME, Parade, Cosmopolitan, SELF, SHAPE, Women’s Health, and HuffPost—has covered Cassie’s debunking of dieting lies as she shares the truth about food, weight loss, and overall health.

Cassie is in high demand to appear on TV and speak at corporate, women’s conferences, and groups of all sizes. Cassie is a dynamic, enthusiastic speaker and her fast-paced, entertaining style provides a fun event leaving attendees feeling inspired, empowered, and equipped to make changes. Event planners consistently rave that Cassie jam-packs so much into her sessions that attendees walk away with more sound bites than they imagined!

Cassie is also a Registered Dietitian, but not your stereotypical dietitian. She combines research findings, real-life stories, and humor to provide actionable tips so that your audience leaves feeling inspired and ready for change.

When Cassie isn’t busy connecting with her audiences, she loves doing Crossfit workouts, yoga, paddleboarding the lakes of Minneapolis in the summer, and beach runs in San Diego during the winter. She currently lives between Minneapolis, MN and San Diego, CA, and likes to travel everywhere in-between.


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"Here at DQ we have a very diverse workforce that is spread across the US and Canada. Cassie’s personality and her expertise spoke to everyone in different ways. People relate to her and her knowledge because she has a way of simplifying something that we all do every day – eating. With all of the fad diets and new ways of looking at food, Cassie provided such a refreshing perspective. Seriously, it was mind blowing. Her materials were easy to understand and implement in your lifestyle."

-Megan Weizel (Wellness Program Leader – International Dairy Queen)

What People Are Saying

“Within just a couple days of starting Cassie's coaching program, I had more energy than I ever had and just 2 weeks in I dropped 6 pounds! For the first time in my adult life I’ve dropped a pants size!"

Jean B. from Minnesota

"I lost 70 pounds in a healthy, comfortable way with Cassie's coaching program. Since adopting this way of eating, I no longer feel deprived and instead, have been given freedom and I cannot be more thankful for that!"

Jill P. from Michigan