Butter Coffee

When I learned about the magic in combining coffee and butter, my life was forever changed.

Butter in coffee?! Yes. 100% YES. The healthy fat in butter is brain fuel and when paired with good coffee, it stabilizes the caffeine's effects, so instead of getting the jitters, we get consistent focus and energy for hours later. No mid-morning crash. No afternoon cravings. Just more energy, laser focus and a revved up metabolism!

...Buuuuuut, mornings happen. I wake up feeling too lazy to haul out the ol’ blender, or wash it from last night’s smoothie.

That’s why when I heard about Coffee Blocks I was floored. It sounded waaaay too good to be true: coffee packets with butter and even coconut oil (bonus!)…already in them!? Everything I need right there to make my morning dream come true? The only thing lazy ol’ me would need to do would be to add water? SOLD.

So here you have it: The solution to getting in my perfect cup of coffee with butter, every single morning (read: brain power!). All in one packet. No added sugar. No artificial sweeteners. No sugar alcohols. No crappy coffee (there is a difference in quality!). Just ingredients you can pronounce and feel great about putting in your body.