From Frazzled to Freedom Online Bootcamp

Finally...The Online Program you've been asking for! Lose weight and KEEP it off...for GOOD.

So many of you have asked me for an online coaching program so that you can start right NOW, and work at your own pace. That's why I created this course!  

Introducing the "From Frazzled to Freedom" Online Bootcamp with Cassie!

I took the life-changing concepts in our VIP Private Coaching program — and made them more accessible to you RIGHT NOW! 

(These are the same concepts that have helped literally THOUSANDS of our private clients lose weight, keep it off and boost their energy levels and self confidence.)

Here are the details...

It’s a 6-module course, jam-packed with video trainings with me, specific worksheets, and key weekly action steps to empower you to be your best, fittest self right now, and for years to come. 

Up until now, this information and these specific protocols were ONLY available for our private coaching clients. But now YOU get to learn + implement them in your own life. TODAY! :) 

If you’re ready to make this YOUR year... 

If you want to learn how to shed pounds and keep them off... 

If you want to keep your metabolism and energy levels boosted all day and night long... 

...then you want in. Let’s do this together!

Regular Price: $497

Investment for the entire 6-module Bootcamp: Only $297

In this life-changing online course I'll show you:

  • How to lose weight and keep it off…for good.
  • How to finally break free of dieting –– and feel better than ever before!
  • How to eat to keep your metabolism boosted all day long
  • How to go from feeling frazzled and stressed out to finding freedom and confidence in your weight, your body and your clothes
  • How to keep pesky sugar cravings away — even when you’re stressed
  • What to eat, when to eat, and what your plate should look like
  • Exercise: what's worked best for our weight loss clients and what to eat before and after
  • How to navigate alcohol, the grocery store, restaurant eating and more
  • A step-by-step plan, so when you wake up you know exactly what to eat and when in order to feel energetic, and to keep your metabolism revved up

By the end of this 6 weeks, you are going to know exactly what to eat all the time and feel equipped with a solid game plan!

Who Is This Program For?

  • If you are motivated to get back on track, have pounds to shed, are so over feeling frazzled and scatter-brained and are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired...
  • If you ever feel like you seem to be doing all the right things...but still feel defeated and like a prisoner trapped in your own body, not seeing the results you want...
  • If you feel frustrated because you’ve worked so hard to lose those 5 or 10 or 20 pounds, but they keep coming back—then keep reading...
  •  If you have been following my PFC-balanced eating plan, you've seen awesome changes but you are just feeling stuck or have hit a pleateau...
  •  If you've been thinking you need to get your nutrition on track for a while now...
  •  If you have NO idea where to start...

...then this program is for you!

If You’ve Ever Said: 

  • “I have tried about a hundred different diets in my life.”
  • “I don’t want another quick fix that doesn’t last. I want real change.”
  • “I am looking for a long term "lifestyle" plan that doesn't limit me.”
  • “I used to be an active person. Now I don’t have energy.”
  • “I don’t want to be a buzzkill.”
  • “I don’t want to be that person at the restaurant.”
  • “I don’t want to have to drink green smoothies or do yoga.” 
  • “I just want to be able to go out and eat like a normal person.”

....then this program is for you!

Here's what you get when you join the From Frazzled to Freedom Online Bootcamp:

From Frazzled to Freedom is a 6-module course jam-packed with video trainings with Cassie, specific worksheets, and key weekly action steps to empower you to be your best, fittest self right now, and for years to come.

6 Training Videos with Cassie:  

Access to 6 training session videos! Topics covered include: metabolism, what to eat and when to eat it, how to fight sugar cravings, exercise, supplementation, and much more...

From Frazzled to Freedom Module Worksheets and Key Weekly Action Steps: 

I've developed and designed specific worksheets and weekly action steps to go with each of the modules to keep you laser-focused and on track. 

BONUS - Sign up Now and You Also Get:

"End Sugar Cravings for Easier Weight Loss" Interview with Cassie: 

Exclusive access to the video recording of Cassie's interview with Marcie Peters! (50 min.)

"Stop Dieting and Start Losing Weight" Interview with Cassie: 

Exclusive access to the video recording of Cassie's interview with Kerry Tepedino! (40 min.)

Regular Price $497

Everything for only $297!

This is what a few alumni of my coaching program had to say:


“Within ONE month of following Cassie’s coaching program, I’d lost eight pounds and felt IN CONTROL of my eating. Several months later, my weight loss journey continues!”

- Jackie S. from Pennsylvania


“I always struggled with cravings and feeling deprived on every diet. Cassie’s coaching program has curbed my cravings and resulted in weight loss. I don’t focus on the scale anymore but rather how I feel and how my clothes fit (my pants are loose and I’m using a belt again!!). And, I have more energy than ever!”

- Wendy G. from Minnesota


“The best part is that even though I wasn’t perfect, I saw results! I feel great, lost weight and have better focus and more energy! I’m never hungry and get to eat foods that I LOVE (like fat!) Cassie’s coaching program kept me on track, and it’s such a relief to get away from counting calories.”

- Chelsea B. from Indiana

"The power of Cassie’s community group is phenomenal. In the first Q&A video that I watched, I could feel Cassie’s genuine support and care. Once I logged in and saw everyone's posts and support, I felt so re-assured that I CAN do THIS.  

I feel emotional, cheesy, and THRILLED that I've found the right place. There is such a feeling of belonging that it's bringing me to tears! This is the program and community that I have been longing for.” 

- Jessica B., RD, LD/N from Florida

“Cassie’s program is THE BEST. After trying numerous different diets and seeing no long-term success, I finally discovered WHY. Thanks to this program, I have made a true lifestyle change and as a result have lost 30 POUNDS and counting!  

This way makes so much more sense than ANY other nutrition professional or program I have encountered and best of all: it’s realistic. Better yet: it WORKS! Cassie is also incredibly personable and encouraging — I’ve never felt bad or embarrassed like I used to in other programs, and after our calls, I always walk away feeling inspired. I highly recommend contacting Cassie’s team for ANY weight or nutrition need!”  

- Sarah C. from Minnesota

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is this different from other diet plans? 

My approach to nutrition and life is different than any other programs out there. My approach is simple, not confusing or complex like a lot of diets are. In fact, it isn’t even a diet. There’s no calorie counting. No low-fat eating. We’re fueling our bodies with real food (and LOTS of healthy fat—like butter and avocados!). This approach makes sense. Goodbye forever, 100 calorie snack packs. Make way for delicious foods, jam-packed with nutrients. You won’t find bland food that makes you feel like you’re being punished while everyone else gets to eat the good stuff. You get to eat your favorite foods.Too many people follow restrictive diets, deprive their body of what it needs, put it through hell at the gym—sometimes twice a day—and STILL can’t lose weight. It’s not because they aren’t trying hard enough. It’s because they don’t have the RIGHT information. I’m going to give you the information that has changed the lives of thousands of our clients. After this 6 weeks, you’ll walk away knowing what to do and how to do it so you look and feel your best!

  • But I’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work! How could this work for me? 

Chances are, you’ve been through lots of diets, cleanses and methods before you got here today. You’ve likely been frustrated and disappointed more times than you can count. Not to mention spent good money on solutions that didn’t work! We get it. The great news is that this program is different than any other. Chances are, most of those other programs lacked the critical components, and the right expertise. Ours, as you’ll see, doesn’t depend on willpower or deprivation to work. Quite the opposite. There’s a reason we’ve seen thousands of client success stories, and it’s because we know how to help you. This program is based on current, evidence-based nutrition. We aren’t following dietary cliches or platitudes or passed-along advice. While you are certainly special and unique as a person, your body doesn’t function all that different from other people’s.Using scientifically-backed programs, we teach you how real food can transform your mind and body. You'll learn how to eat for your health and any fat you shed never comes back like it did on past diets. That’s because we heal from the inside out, addressing the root cause vs. slapping a big ‘ol band-aid on the problem. You’ll learn the best strategies to balance out all the systems in your body, based on studies and science, not superstition or myth.

  • Is it worth it if I only have 10 or so pounds to lose?

The real question here is: How are those few pounds affecting your life? You don’t need to have 50 lbs to lose to feel uncomfortable in your clothes—and your skin. It doesn’t matter how much you think you need to lose. If you don’t feel like your best self, then it’s worth addressing, period.  

While some of those who have done this program have a lot of weight to lose, most of the women have anywhere from 5 to 15 extra pounds—there’s no amount that’s too much or too little for us to tackle. The reason why is because any extra weight is a symptom, a sign of an imbalance that deserves to be addressed. Whether you have a lot of weight to lose, or you just want to fit into your favorite jeans again, there is nothing superficial about it. 

  • Can I expect anything other than weight loss?

Absolutely! While I initially designed this as a weight loss program, it’s so much more than that. This isn’t just about changing numbers on a scale, but changing the way you feel. Since food is such a fundamental building block of all aspects of health, our clients experience radical shifts in their energy levels and self confidence, they report better skin, better sleep, cravings have vanished, more brain power, better libido and overall increased drive in life. You’ll look forward to each day and begin to step into a healthier and happier version of you! It’s about removing the obstacles that stand in your way so you can let your best life unfold.  

We’ve seen health improve so much that chronic symptoms disappear. It’s not magic—it’s a science. When you take measures to get your body back in balance, its natural healing power restores you to your best self. This isn’t some far-flung goal; it’s a reality. Together, in 6 modules, we will transform your body and your life in ways that surprise you.  

  • Are you going to give me a list of things I can’t eat anymore?

It’s not like that. We are not going to make a list of forbidden foods that you love and condemn you to a life of deprivation! You also won’t have to worry about being “good” or “perfect” or “going off the rails.” This isn’t about detox, cleanse or removing foods permanently. What we are going to do is replace the foods that make you feel lousy with ones that make you feel great. We’re talking butter and other healthy fats, meat, and a range of delicious stuff that will keep you fueled, and satisfied.  

  • Am I going to be that person at a party who can’t eat anything there?

Absolutely not. You’re special, but we know that you don’t want to be that special. Throughout the program, and in almost an entire module, we go into how to fit this into your everyday life, so that you can still go to events, potlucks, dinner parties —even happy hour— and not only not be “that person,” but get to enjoy it with clear confidence as to what to eat and how to carry yourself. 

  • Do I have to drink green juice and eat kale every day?

Nope. You can have these if you want to, but we personally prefer butter and bacon. :) Our way of eating often feels like indulging, but really, it’s about including real foods, including healthy fats to support your metabolism, brain and waistline. You won’t starve, feel deprived or be cranky — at least not from the food! You don’t have to be the weird one, the buzzkill, that person at the restaurant, the one on the special “diet.” You don’t even have to drink green smoothies or do yoga. You still get to be YOU. And you can break all the dieting rules. :) 

Join me for the 6-Module Online Bootcamp!

Together, we'll get you going on your journey from feeling frazzled when it comes to knowing what to eat and a solid game plan for lasting, sustainable energy and weight.

So let me ask you:

Are you ready to take back control of your life!?

Are you ready to get excited to go clothes shopping again!?

Are you ready to finally break free of feeling like a prisoner trapped in a body that isn't yours?

This is your time.

I’m so excited for you!

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