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with Cassie

Eat More to Lose More: The NEW Rules of Dieting

The old dieting “rules” (the ones we've all been following our entire lives) are outdated and just plain WRONG. 

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Thursday, December 14th



Here's what you'll discover on this LIVE training...

  • Why you may actually need to eat MORE calories and exercise LESS in order to lose weight (for real!) + my science-backed protocol for how to do this right!  
  • The missing – yet CRUCIAL – factors in weight loss most diet plans NEVER even mention.  
  • The surprising (but all-too-common) ways you sabotage your own weight loss  
  • Why a REAL healthy diet breaks all breaks all the Old School nutrition rules. (Hint: you actually CAN eat your favorite foods!)  
  • How you can practice self-love and acceptance while still focusing on health and weight loss goals (the two are NOT mutually exclusive, despite what many body image and self-love experts may tell you).

Plus, we'll have time for LIVE Q&A - so bring your questions, your unique situations, and biggest struggles, and you'll have a chance to get my answer.

Dietitian Cassie

Meet your host, Cassie 

Cassie is a globally recognized industry leader in weight loss, a highly sought-after speaker, and #1 International Best Selling Author of Why Am I Still Fat? The Hidden Keys to Unlocking That Stubborn Weight Loss.  

For more than a decade, she has helped tens of thousands of women and men achieve the bodies they want—not by starving or skimping, but by feeding themselves foods that fuel effective and sustainable weight loss. Using her proprietary methodology, Cassie and her team identify the missing puzzle pieces for health and weight loss (which conventional doctors and nutritionists often miss) and provide clients with a full picture of how their bodies function. From there, they address the issues plaguing metabolism and weight loss efforts and give each person their customized plan for solving their own physiological puzzle.  

Cassie speaks widely and contributes a regular column, “Real Talk with Cassie” in Paleo Magazine. She has been featured on CBS, ABC, WCCO, FOX News, CNN, TIME, Parade, Cosmopolitan, SELF, SHAPE, Women’s Health, Men’s Fitness and The Huffington Post.