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I was kidnapped and taken to the drive-thru for breakfast!

When Twin Cities Live television contacted me regarding a segment on fast food breakfasts, I knew I was going to be totally out of her element in the drive thru lane. Steve Patterson, co-host of TCL, takes me hostage in a segment they call "The Dude and the Dietitian" and puts me on the spot in both a McDonald's and a Taco Bell drive thru... and I do the best I can to create PFC balanced morning meals on the go.

When we return to the studio, I bring my favorite real food breakfast options that make it just as quick and easy as swinging through the drive thru... (a yogurt parfait made with berries, nuts and protein powder, as well as my awesome Egg Bake that I make every week for my own breakfasts! Check out the video to see how I tackles the drive thru and learn tips that will help you approach it (or better yet: avoid fast food altogether!)!

Twin Cities Live (TCL)



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