When the producer from the popular TV show, Twin Cities Live contacted me about doing a nutrition segment on the show, a LOT of topics came to mind. Of them all, in my opinion, the greatest health and nutrition misconceptions lie in the fact that people still believe that fat is the enemy. Despite what we've been told to believe, fat doesn't make us fat, and the surplus of fat-free, skinny, low-fat and light products on the shelves aren't helping us overcome our fat-phobia.

In this six minute segment, Elizabeth, Margerie and I decipher through this Big FAT Lie and the true culprit of weight gain. We compare the amount of sugar in full fat, low fat and fat free products... and in case you don't know what my favorite breakfast is, you'll get a closeup of that too 🙂 If this leaves you craving more, read these blog posts for more on FAT: The Big FAT Lie and 5 Big FAT Changes.