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I made another TV appearance talking about the best and worst fast food choices from the value menu. If you are familiar with my approach to healthy eating, you will know that I am not an advocate for fast food...ever! "Healthy" and "Fast food" are not terms that belong in the same sentence. So, we took a look at which fast food options will hold you over the most, in comparison to the ones that are energy depleting, metabolism slowing and blood sugar disasters. Hint: Stay away from refined carbohydrates, sugar and trans fats and aim for PFC (Protein, Fat and Carbohydrates!) always.


As you can see, the best option will always be to stop at a gas station or a grocery store, where you can pick up items from the fridge like hard boiled eggs, cheese, fresh fruit and sometimes pre-made salads, as long as they are not made with damaged oils. Although I show the calorie contents, keep in mind that it's not all about calories AND not all calories are created equal. The grocery store options aren't much different in calories, but the calories from the healthier option are full of nutrition, and the ones found in the microwave meal and energy drink are not.


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