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The 10-Day Reset with Cassie

Why You Need a Reset  

Do you ever feel like you’re doing all the right things, but not seeing the results you want? Then this reset is for you.  

Are you feeling defeated, like you’re a prisoner trapped in your body and you just can’t break free? Then this reset is for you.  

If you feel frustrated because you’ve worked so hard to lose those 5 or 20 pounds, but they keep coming back —then keep reading.  

What you and your body need is a powerful and healthy reset! 

Why This Program Works, When Others Fail

We designed this program after guiding thousands of clients through detoxing in a healthy and effective way—through a real food approach that includes key nutrients to support your body’s natural detoxification process.

This whole-body approach is essential, and we’ve fine tuned our reset protocol to give you the fastest results in the shortest amount of time... without the damage or side effects that a lot of detoxes on the market usually cause. (Poorly designed detoxes can cause damage by messing up your metabolism and promoting further inflammation, and they can give you a lot of nasty side effects in the process. (Who wants to feel gassy while trying to get healthy? Not me!)

We know what’s healthy and what’s not.

We know what works and what doesn’t.

Our approach heals from the inside out in a transformative, life-changing way. Plus, we’re Registered, Licensed Dietitians who understand the ins and outs of the body and the detoxification process better than anyone.

This is what a couple of 10-Day Resetters have to say about the awesome program:

Lysa P. from Minnesota

“The program was so easy to follow, straightforward and supportive!” 

“The supplement support was life changing because it controlled my hunger and cravings which made it easy to be successful!” 

“Before the program, I felt frumpy, old, and everything ached! During and after, energy was great and it was easy. I loved it!”

Lysa P. from Minnesota

Melissa B. from Montana

"I was expecting the typical juice cleanse starving for 10 days, but at no point was I hungry at ALL!” 

“I’ve lived with cravings forever, and (during the program), the sugar cravings were totally gone, which I had never had in my entire life — it was incredible!” 

“This helped me get on a healthier track b/c I know what it feels like to be eating clean. I was impressed with it from start to finish.” 

Melissa B. from Montana 

The 10-Day Reset with Cassie

If you want to:

  • Feel less stressed, more energetic and excited to pick out your outfit in the morning
  • Increase your energy and focus
  • Look GREAT in your clothes
  • Go clothes shopping and be excited!
  • And are willing to try a different way for only 10 days...

...Then This Reset Is Right For You! 

Thoughts from more 10-Day Resetters:

"Cassie's 10 day reset is amazing, It put me in tune with my body. I was surprised that I didn't crave my typical high carb treats. The reset halted hunger and cravings, sometimes it felt like a chore to eat. Imagine that! Bloating and gastro issues gone. This is a super reset, as I am determined to continue eating good wholesome food and be on track to becoming a healthier person, reducing chances of preventable diseases."

Elizabeth W.

"This is not a punishing cleanse! The focus is on supporting your body with good food and supplements, not restricting it to juices and stressing it. It helped me to reduce my sugar cravings and dependence on caffeine for energy, and understand how to properly fuel my body with food."

Christine E.

"Loved this 10-day reset! I definitely plan to use this 10-Day program in the future. Helped to get rid of the holiday pounds gained - Looking forward to incorporating the PFC eating habits I have been acquiring into my daily diet!"

Gina K.

"The 10-Day Detox was a great opportunity to reset my eating with support from Cassie's team. The plan was easy to follow and I never was hungry or felt deprived. My sugar cravings were greatly reduced in addition to bloating and water retention. My energy and clarity improved."

Jaime D.

"Cassie's 10 day Reset was awesome. I felt good during the reset and did not go hungry at all. Cassie was very clear on the reasons to reset and how it worked with a detailed gameplan manual. This was so helpful. I felt very supported during the reset. Cassie and her team of coaches were very responsive and provided great advice and suggestions. I was so pleased with Cassie's 10 day reset program. I look forward to doing another reset in the future. I was skeptical about doing a reset as this was my first experience but Cassie's reset was so beneficial. The best part was no negative side effects and I felt more energized and slept so much better!"

Lauren F.

This is unlike anything else I've done. I did not have the strong cravings during this detox nor did I feel deprived. It was refreshing to give my body the energy it needed to be running at its peak."

Jon M.

"This detox was a great jump start and learning opportunity for a healthier life through PFC eating. The plan was clear and the support made the 10 days easy to get through!"

Sara W.

"The 10-Day Detox was amazing because I never felt hungry or had sugar cravings. I learned how to eat better and how to pay attention to my body."

Cindy B.

"Cassie is the real deal... she means what she says and she says what means. Her Detox is like no other, you got to try it! You won't regret it."

Janet C.

"Thank you, Cassie. I am very pleased: lost a few pounds, kicked sugar and caffeine to the curb, and learned a lot about healthy eating. So far, so good!"

Julie K.

"10-Day Detox complete! This was a good reset for me!"

Sarah E.