You can’t live a full life...feeling half full.

When you stop thinking about food, and start enjoying it, you can start enjoying everything else, too.

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Get your 10 Rules to Break to Lose Weight!

Get your 10 Rules to Break to Lose Weight!


You’ve tried everything to lose weight…


Not just supplements, but hundreds of dollars of Pills, Powders, Shakes, You name it


Not just dieting, but every kind of diet Weight Watchers, Paleo, SlimFast, Beachbody


Not just exercising, but every kind of exercise Running, Lifting, Yoga, Pilates, CrossFit


Not just self improvement, but every kind of self improvement Meditation, Affirmation, Self Love.

Then why is nothing working?

You’ve followed the rules. You’ve read the blogs. You’ve bought the supplements. Cooked the food. You feel you should be able to figure this out.

But you haven’t. And it frustrates and exhausts you to no end. It doesn’t seem fair. You’re craving a solution that puts you in control of the food/weight equation.

You've been fed the wrong information


It’s not about how smart you are, how on trend, how attentive or mindful.


It’s not that you haven’t tried enough.


It’s not about being “good” or “bad.” I don’t believe in bad.


It’s not that you “can’t” do it, or that your body is different.

You’re not a lost cause, a mystery, or a problem. You’re a puzzle — and we can solve it. What we do is look at what makes you you, and identify what pieces are missing or not fitting, so we can achieve the best vision and version of you. And there are some things you can’t know unless someone looks for them.

“I just want to be able to go out and eat like a normal person.”

Every person we’ve ever worked with, ever.

We know what you’re afraid will happen if you start a new program – You think:

“I don’t want to be a buzzkill.”

You won’t be. You’ll be able to fit your new way of eating into your everyday life, and go to events, potlucks, dinner parties—even happy hour—the way you always have (or wanted to!).

“I don’t want to be that person at the restaurant.”

No one wants to be that person! You’re not going to have to whip out a list of foods you’re not “allowed” to eat. You can pick up the menu and order what looks good.

“I don’t want to have to drink green smoothies or do yoga.”

Smoothies are not critical to a healthy life! The only reason to drink one is because you really want to. And if so, drink up! If not, pass. Your life will not suffer for the lack of one.

Best part of the work we do: No one has to know you’re doing it. (you might even forget!)

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Eat more to lose more!

Discover the new rules of dieting

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Eat more to lose more!

Discover the new rules of dieting

What people are saying...

“The power of Cassie’s community group is phenomenal. In the first Q & A video that I watched, I could feel Cassie’s genuine support and care. Once I logged in and saw everyone's posts and support, I felt so re-assured that I CAN do THIS? . I feel emotional, cheesy, and THRILLED that I've found the right place. There is such a feeling of belonging that it's bringing me to tears! This is the program and community that I have been longing for.”


Jessica Blessing, Florida

“I lost 70 pounds in a healthy, comfortable way with Cassie's coaching program. Since adopting this way of eating, I no longer feel deprived and instead, have been given freedom and I cannot be more thankful for that!”


Jill P. from Michigan

“In less than a year, I lost 30 pounds thanks to Cassie's coaching program! I used to hide behind baggy sweaters and bulky clothes. Now I no longer count a single calorie, I enjoy butter and heavy cream with every meal and I don’t even have to work out. Never did I believe I would be in control of my weight, my cravings, and my happiness. This is what freedom feels like.”


Rachel P., Minnesota

“Within just a couple of days of starting Cassie's coaching program, I had more energy than I ever had, and just 2 weeks in I dropped 6 pounds! For the first time in my adult life I’ve dropped a pants size! I can’t say enough about how this coaching program has improved my life. It’s not even about the weight anymore, it’s about doing the best thing that I can for my body”


Jean B. from Minnesota

“I am THRILLED at the results of my recent blood work after 4 months of being in Cassie’s coaching program! My total cholesterol is down 48 points, my triglycerides are down nearly 100 points and my Hemoglobin A1C has gone down from 6.1 to 5.8! Just additional proof that the info we are given is junk! I am so thankful to have found Cassie and to have embraced the concepts of her program!”


Leslie S. from Minnesota

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Time to let go of the lies and know the truth. And break a few rules in the process. 😉

Hi, I’m Cassie

And I’ve helped people exactly like you — smart, ambitious, put together — figure out the one thing that eludes them: Their ideal weight.

Over the past decade I have worked with thousands of people to help them not just lose weight, but create lives they love by freeing themselves from old ideas based on false information.

Now, it's your turn. I'm excited to help YOU stop obsessing over food and lose weight effortlessly—while eating like a normal person, and feeling like yourself again. You’re going to love my no-nonsense, keep-it-simple approach to nutrition, health and life. There’s no calorie-cutting, no sacrificing, no starving. You’re going to feel full, energized, and satisfied—and in control of your body and your life again.

What We Believe…

There’s more to weight loss than food.

Forget slashing diets to 1200 calories a day. That’s nuts! And the most current scientific data proves that this doesn’t even work. Losing weight for good is not about deprivation or restriction. What you eat directly impacts your body’s ability to function, to reduce inflammation (or compound it), and can help you lose weight. When you eat the right food, and address all the pieces of your puzzle (thyroid function, gut health, hormonal balance, biochemistry), your body works for you.

You should eat food; not be consumed by it.

When you eat the way that supports your body best—you can stop thinking about it. Far too many of our clients come to us completely exhausted, worn down by just thinking about food so much! You should enjoy food, not obsess over it. The goal is to change your approach to food so that you can stop thinking about it.

Self-love and losing weight are not mutually exclusive.

Being able to love and accept yourself for who you are is absolutely important, and we are big advocates of the body-positive approach. However, self love is not the opposite of healthy, sustainable weight loss. Carrying extra weight around is no way to show your body love! You like who you are—and we do too! We don’t want you to change; we want you to feel empowered and in control of your decisions—and your life.

Food is energy, not indulgence.

Calories aren’t your enemy; they’re energy. You need them to fuel metabolism. It’s like throwing wood on a fire to keep it going. When your metabolism is functioning optimally, it burns weight. We’re not going to deprive your body—we’re going to feed it the right things to keep your metabolism going strong.

Extra weight is a symptom.

You may think your weight is your biggest problem, but what it really is is a red flag. Even just 5 extra pounds can be a sign that something in your body isn’t working right. Low energy, digestive issues, low libido, skin issues, sleep problems—it’s all connected. When we get to the root cause and heal from the inside out, everything falls into place, these other symptoms get resolved and the pounds come off effortlessly.

You don’t have to join a gym.

While staying physically active is key, we actually don’t want you to kill yourself at the gym. In fact, we may advise that you ease up on workouts altogether. Intense exercise without rest can actually slow your metabolism and keep you from your goal weight. The best approach to working out boosts metabolism without draining your energy—or taking up all of your time.

You can’t achieve your goal weight without good sleep.

It’s a fact: When you don’t get enough quality sleep, your “hunger hormone,” ghrelin, and “full hormone” leptin, get out of whack, meaning you crave and eat more! Plus, cortisol levels rise, too, which can lead directly to weight gain—independent of whatever you’re eating, or how often you exercise. That’s right! Sleep alone, or the lack of it, could cause you to pack on the pounds! Getting your body in balance also means rest and sleep, and it’s as critical as anything else you do.

You’re not the “problem child.”

If we had a dollar for everyone who thought they were different or beyond help, well, we’d never work another day! Fact is, while you are special and have your own unique makeup, your body is a lot like other people’s—and that’s the good news! Because rather than blame your body for being different or difficult, we will apply our proven methodologies to partner with it to help achieve what you want most.

Fat doesn’t make you fat.

It’s true. Forget everything you’ve ever heard about the benefits of low-fat anything. The science is in, and fat has been exonerated! It’s no longer a sinful or bad-for-you food. Not only do healthy fats (think butter, coconut oil and chocolate!) help you lose weight, they keep you satisfied and feeling great. Hard to believe, I know, but it’s true, and it’s one of the liberating parts of this approach.

Sugar is addictive (but you can still have dessert).

The drive to consume sugar or processed carbohydrates can feel like an addiction. We get that. But you can fight sugar cravings and still be able to enjoy dessert if you want. The key is to address the biochemical imbalances causing cravings in the first place so that your decision to satisfy your sweet tooth is a choice, not a compulsion.

Changing your diet doesn’t just affect your weight—it can prevent chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

We’ve seen people’s health improve so much that their chronic symptoms disappear and their energy returns—often enabling them to adjust or come off medication altogether. It’s not magic—it’s a science. When you take measures to get your body back in balance, its natural healing power restores you to your best self. This isn’t some far-flung goal; it’s a reality.

This is about more than just food.

You probably don’t even realize the degree to which you’re standing in your own way when it comes to weight loss. The people we’ve worked with lose weight, yes—but more importantly, their confidence levels soar, and they step into areas of their life, opportunities and experiences that they never thought were possible! Prepare for a major mindset shift about how you view your body and your life after you reach your goals, not just for weight loss, but in every area of your life.



Get your 10 Rules to Break to Lose Weight!

Get your 10 Rules to Break to Lose Weight!